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Our Equipment

For the comfort of our guests, we carry the following items on our expeditions:

Light rain ponchos
Light gloves
Kleenex packets
Bug repellent
Hand warmers
Portable toilet and privacy screen
Moist towelettes

For the safety of our guests, we carry with us on each trip:

Extra paddles
Reserve fuel (for our outboard motor)
Fire extinguisher
1 - 25' toss line
2 - 75' toss lines
Airborne signal flares
Ground signal flares
Waterproof matches
Saftey whistle
Saftey horn
Spare engine propeller
Bailing bucket
Lifevests (PFD) (Sizes: infant, child, S, M, L, XL, XXL)
VHF marine radio

In case of medical need:

A minimum of one guide is trained in First Aid
We carry an approved first aid kit with
Calamine lotion,
Anti-itch lotion
Solar blanket